It should be a familiar name if you have researched cannabis hybrid strains. OG Kush is one of the most popular hybrid strains for commercial usage. As you know, there are many of these hybrid strains.

Surprisingly, OG Kush stands on top of the popularity charts. Are you interested in seeking knowledge on OG Kush Strain? Then, it is necessary to learn more about its origin and growth.

OG Kush Overview

So, what is OG Kush? It is a type of hybrid strain/variant from the cannabis plant. In simple terms, it is a modified strain from the Hindu Kush. On the other hand, Hindu Kush is one of the strains of Cannabis Indica. To be specific, it is a cross hybrid of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush.

Effect of OG Kush

OG Kush is full of THC. So, you can expect that it will provide the effects you get from THC. There can be psychoactive effects. It can work against high-level chronic pain. Moreover, it can also relieve your mental conditions like anxiety, depression, and similar conditions.

OG kush

Similarly, it can also assist with headaches, migraine, nausea, and similar issues. Even more, it can help you with appetite control and hunger relief. But, there can be several side effects as well. You should learn about them as well. We will mention them in the later sections.

Appearance, Flavours and Smell

Because of its high popularity, OG Kush is often referred to as premium OG Kush. As we mentioned, its appearance is similar to other cannabis strains. The leaves are green but have a mixture of yellow and orange.

The most identical part is the trichome coating. It feels like ocean leaves sprayed with water drops. That’s one of the reasons why it is called “ocean grown.” This coating contains up to 26% THC.

It gives a bit of an odd aroma that feels like wood and earth. To be precise, you may experience a bit of lime, lemon, and spice mixed aroma. The flavor has similarities as well. You will get a natural herbal flavor. Although, it is not sweet. A bit deep and quite woody.

OG Kush Strain Growing info

One of the reasons people choose OG Kush is its cultivation flexibility. You can grow it indoors and outdoors. So, commercial CBD brands prefer OG Kush over many other strains. Even though you can grow it in a pot, the best growth comes in open space.

So, grow them directly without a pot. Without a pot, the strain can grow much higher. The higher it grows, the more elements you can get. Usually, its flowering period is 56 days. Although, you may get a faster result if it grows outside.

Benefits of OG Kush

OG Kush benefits come from different aspects. If you think about the cannabinoid collection, it is pretty effective. You get a higher amount of THC. Moreover, you also get a better portion of cannabinoids and other elements. Thus, it is highly efficient in commercial cannabis development.

If you think about mental benefits, then OG Kush is still effective. It gives you huge mental relief from stress, anxiety, and pain. Research shows that more than 50% of people feel relaxed and happy while using it. Some of its forms can also satisfy your hunger.

Possible Side Effects

The exact OG Kush side effects are a bit hard to summarize. But, you can get a possible overview of them. First of all, it gets you dry. You will experience a dry mouth and dry eyes. In many cases, you may also experience dizziness due to dehydration.

The strong euphoria effect can cause some sudden changes as well. Sometimes, strong psychoactive effects from OG Kush Weed can also become a disturbance. So, you are only allowed to take a small dose. Moreover, you need to take them under an expert’s recommendation.

Besides, if you use them in a natural remedy, the effect can be even higher. So, make sure you follow a proper procedure before taking it. You also need to take a lot of water to deal with the side effects.

Some minor or rare symptoms can also be there. Less sleep, minor nausea, appetite change, fatigue loss, getting high, less consciousness are similar side effects are possibilities. In addition, you can experience an irritating rash on the skin. Overall, it can cause additional side effects that can come along with dehydration.

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Our discussion was over OG Kush. If you are researching or learning about cannabis growth, it is necessary to learn about different strains. It’s not like every commercial cannabis company only depends on natural resources. They need more advanced and beneficial cannabis production.

Thus, they produce different strains from different variants. It allows better quality and distinct element production like THC, CBD, Terpenes, etc.
OG Kush Strain is one of those highly valuable and demanding strains. It has a higher THC level, along with many others.

Moreover, they are adaptive. So, it is possible to advance their growth to a much higher level. Eventually, they provide a better resource portion. You may explore other strains like the Hindu Kush to learn even more.

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