Usually, people refer to the Hindu Kush as a place in between the Pakistan and Afghanistan border areas. But, we will talk about a cannabis strain that is also known as the Hindu Kush strain. It is hard to say about their historical origin. But, this type of strain grows in those areas.

Unlike many hybrid strains, it is pure and one of the best Indica strains. History says they have been in those Kush mountain areas for thousands of years.

Now, you may find it in many countries. Because of its high adaptability and sustainability, people cultivate them in many countries. They have taken it from kush mountain areas and cultivated it on their land.

As it grows in warm and hill areas, you can see them in American and African regions.

Facts of Hindu Kush Marijuana Strain

Now that we know about the origin, let’s talk about its physical details. Most cannabis strains are hybrid and genetically improved. But, these are special. They are born naturally. So, their appearance and other attributes are closely similar to pure cannabis variants.hindu-kush

It highly resembles the OG Kush strain, which is a hybrid strain that comes from the Hindu Kush. Thus they have similar colors and chemical concentrations. Although, they are a bit different depending on the elemental source.

Let’s see what physical attributes it has. If you want to learn more about different cannabis strains, then follow the comparison among Sativa vs. Indica vs. hybrid strains.


The aroma indicates its habitat. You may get a mixed aroma with sensation. It is full of earth and a pungent aroma. Although, it also has a sweet and flower-like mixed aroma.

In addition, you may even get a bit of a woody smell from it. Overall, it gives off a traditional cannabis strain aroma along with a mountain nature.


It appears that the aroma and flavor are quite similar. If you take them naturally prepared, then the flavor would be most likely earthly and sweet.

Although, there will be a mixture of pungent, herbal, and woody flavors as well. If you take different remedies, then the flavor might change depending on other ingredients.


The most noticeable and identical appearance is its trichome coating. Hindu Kush strain is filled with a trichome coating all over them. Besides, the coating can also be filled with THC crystals or glistening. Aside from that, it is short and dense, similar to a Christmas tree.

Its leaves are green which is similar to all the other cannabis strains. Moreover, it also has pistils with a brown-reddish color. Its buds are light green with shades. From a distance, they seem like a bush with curly and messed-up hair.

Guide for Growers

If you have never seen the Hindu Kush strain, then the appearance detail will give you a good idea. You can check out some pictures to get a proper visual of them. Now that the introduction is done let’s talk about its growth.

If you are interested in research on them, then learning the cultivation procedure is important. Even if you just want to learn about them, it is a must. So, How to Grow Hindu Kush Strain?

If you want to grow them within an indoor environment or private farm, then there are multiple procedures. Industrial strain cultivation requires professional follow-up. Let’s see how the processes go one after another.

Hindu kush strain

Farming Law

Many countries don’t allow farming cannabis strains. The rules are even harder if they contain more than a certain amount of THC. So, you have to check the country’s law. If it is allowed, then make sure to pick up official permission to grow them.

Feminized Seeds

Seed selection is the most important part of Hindu Kush farming. Experts suggest you buy Hindu Kush Seeds from reputed providers. Those seeds have advanced and adaptive attributes. But, the main advantage is their pure genetic line.

Although, the deciding factor is something else. You have to ignore auto-flowering seeds. Those seeds provide male plants. Eventually, you will end up having fewer seeds in the future.

It will have a large effect on cultivation because the chance of growing a male plant is 50-50, So make sure to take only feminized seeds.

Germination of the Seeds

Germination means going through the sprouting process. You need to use a paper towel for it. Soak them in the water. Then, cover the seeds with them. Later, use a plate or large box and put those seeds with a little gap. After that, you have to keep them within 70-85F.

The sprout will come out within 2-10 days. Make sure to check them and do the watering.

Transplant the Hindu Kush Seeds

Now, you have to transplant the seeds after the sprout comes out. You can use either soil or hydroponic medium to do so. You will have the growth result within a couple of weeks. Then, transfer them to a bigger pot.

Taking out Most from Vegetative Stage

From 3-16 weeks, the plant gets into a vegetative state. During this time, the plants grow rapidly. So, you have to ensure proper light and other carings as much as possible.

Technique For Using the Sea of Green Growing

It is a complete method to grow the Hindu Kush strain. The process is simple, but some measurements are pretty fixed. It is to get the best possible result. You need to make sure you have 18 hours of light/day. Give a wider space after the plants get 10-12 inches long. For flowering, maintain a 12 hours light and shade cycle. Moreover, trim regularly to keep the shape.

Flowering Stage & Harvesting

You have to switch the light cycle to 12 hours during the flowering period. It stays within 7-8 weeks. After the plants get 10-12 inches long, you can go for harvesting. You need to make sure that 2/3 or 3/4 of the hairs are orange.

If you wait too much, then the THC can turn into CBN, which will be a real problem. Make sure to trim them perfectly as well. Now that we are done with the Hindu kush growing guide let’s talk about the possible Hindu Kush effects and side effects.

Possible Effects and Side Effects

Hindu kush cannabis strain has some effects for everyone, but they also have side effects that you should look out for. Here are the effects Hindu kush strain provides:

  • Solves chronic pain and stress
  • Reduces Migraine and Insomnia effects
  • Appetite improvement
  • Anxiety and Depression relief
  • Mental disabilities
  • Emotional balance

So we have seen what Hindu kush’s effects are. Now let’s see the possible side effects of the Hindu kush cannabis strain:

  • Gets you high
  • Lose consciousness temporarily
  • Dehydration
  • High euphoric effect
  • Appetite change
  • Itchy skin
  • Addictive
  • Too much sleep
  • Breaking THC law (using more than 0.3% THC)

The Bottom Line

Hindu Kush strain is one of the best cannabis Indica strains. It is used for collecting CBD, THC, and other elements. This strain can maintain a higher genetic balance because of its natural growth. They are also adaptive and quite effective.

We have mentioned their appearance, smell, and flavors. If you want to learn about them, then the cultivation part is the most important. We have also mentioned Hindu Kush’s side effects and benefits. You need to understand those things to maintain safe usage. Make sure to follow them.

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