It turns out that humans are not the only ones that are benefitting from CBD. You can now also get to give it to your pets as well. And, there are a lot of pet lovers who will do anything it takes to make sure that their fury friends are safe and healthy. The best thing about CBD for pets is that it does not cater for the mental, it also helps cater for the physical as well.

After it did shockingly well among the humans, a decision was made to try it out on pets and see how it goes. It turns out, a few CBD treats for your dog may just be the best purchase you have done so far. There are so many advantages that come with giving your pets CBD. And, this article is going to give you all the information that you may need to know about this new health breakthrough.

What is CBD?

CBD is mainly found in Cannabis sativa plants. The cannabidiol used to make CBD products are unlike THC, a compound that is also known for its mind-altering capabilities.

Meaning, it will not give you the high effect after using it. However, there are so many chronic illnesses that CBD has been known to treat in the human Endocannabinoid System.

These include, insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and so many more. However, some of the CBD health advantages are still yet to be established. And, some of those treats have been known to have the same effects on pets as well.

A lot of the well know CBD producers have resorted to making yummy doggy treats well. It is still yet to be established on whether or not they are safe for animal consumption. The whole concept is still yet to be studied and approved by the FDA.

Although some states are yet to approve CBD being approved to be used on dogs, some have been given permission to talk to their clients about trying the product. Therefore, you may find that your veteran may not be comfortable with you using the product on your pets.

There may be negative side effects and toxicities that may come from CBD products for dogs.  Still, there are quite a number of pet owners who have been quite happy on the effect that CBD products have had on their fur babies.

How Does CBD Affect Pets?

There has not been mush research on the effects that CBD may have on pets. But, the products has been known to be able to help with anxiety, epilepsy and chronic pain in humans. Therefore, some vets have just been using it for the same effects.

Therefore, you will find that the negative side effects have been pretty much deprived from how it affects humans as well. thus, it will be important to give the dog the specific recommended dosage rather.

After all, they cannot really voice out if they ever start getting dizzy or feeling uncomfortable in any possible way.  Some of the findings include the following.

Dry Mouth

Just the same way as some people have highlighted that CBD leaves them dehydrated, pets ay go through something similar.  According to research, there may be a decreased production of saliva in pets. Therefore, you will find that you dog may be a lot more thirsty than usual. Meaning, after giving your pet some CBD product, you may want to keep a bowl of water handy.

Low Blood Pressure

This is something that occurs after taking high doses of the product. This is why it is important for you to make sure that even though they may be yummy, you will have to manage the dosage. The best part about these products is that they come with the recommended dosage according to the size of the pet. A little drop in blood pressure may cause some form of damage to your pet.  For example, your pet may face some form of dizziness.


This may not be much of a negative for those pet owners that have animals struggling with anxiety and restlessness, especially during traveling. You can easily just give them a dose of some CBD treats and they will be calm or sleeping throughout the trip. In this case, using higher s does may not be a bad idea after all.

How Can CBD Help My Pet?

There are so many benefits of CBD when it comes to your pets. For example, sprains, loss for appetite, anxiety, pain and inflammation and bone injuries. And, if your fur baby has some sort of tumor going on, then you can also try CBD to try and reduce it.  Here is a more detailed analysis on how CBD can help your pet.


Usually, pets so not do well in thunderstorms, while traveling or when there are a lot of people around them.  Usually, CBD products come with a soothing and calming effect to your dog. That way, they can help in relieving stress and anxiety. But, you may need to consult the vet first to know the type of product to use and what will work for the specific problem.


Yes, according to research, 5% of pets can experience some form of seizures. Not only will the CBD for cats and dogs be able to help with the seizures, they can also help with boosting different organ like their kidneys and livers.

Pain Management

Your fur baby may have had an accident and is experiencing so much pain. CBD products come with anti-inflammatory properties, therefore, they can help numb out the pain. Also, they have been seen to be highly helpful in nerve pain as well.

Can Be Used to Boost Appetite

Loss of appetite is a major problem that comes with our fury family as they grow older.  And if your pet is having nausea or vomiting, then you can also use CBD to help curb that.CBD Pet

What to Look for Before Buying CBD for Pets?

There are a wide range of CBD products and brands that you can use for your pets. Therefore, your veterinarian gives you the go ahead, there are things that you will need to look at before purchasing the product.

Go For the Organic Products

There are certain CBD products that may not be friendly to your fury friends. They may contain toxins and chemicals that may end up causing more harm than doing any good.

Therefore, you will have to try and pick products that have been made organically. That way, they will not contain any solvents, fungicides and pesticides.

Prices May Be Deceiving

We know that you may be running on a low budget, but, the cheap stuff may not be a good idea after all.  You will find that in order to get the good quality that you need for your fur baby, you may have to be prepared with a few dollars more than your budget.

Usually, the cheaper options will come with a lot of additives that may contain pesticides and other toxins that may be harmful to your pet. But, be warned, other products may be expensive but with cheap quality offers as well. Which is why it is important to do more research on the product as well.

Do Extensive Research

When looking at the best CBD treats or best CBD oil for your pet, we make sure that they are certified by a third party lab. That way, you will know that the information that you will be getting is not biases or altered in any way.

Usually, if the brand is confident about their product, this information will be readily available for you on their website.

Nano-Sized Microemulsion is the Best

As you know already, there are different variations to the quality of the CBD products that you will be getting. Potency is another one of the different things that you will need to look at as well. The only way that you can get to see this is through the emulsification process.  When it comes to CBD Oil for pets, choices you should pick must at least range from liposomal to Nano-sized emulsification.

  • Standard Emulsion

This means that the product you are going to be getting will contain large particles. Therefore, it is going to be more difficult to absorb. These usually come at very cheap price when it comes to oils because they are regarded as the cheapest quality on the market.

  • Liposomal Emulsion

The particles here are much smaller than the standard ones.  Therefore, they can easily absorbed into the body, producing effective and quicker results. The pricing here is moderate and it will not be such a bad choice for your pet.

  • Nano-Sized Emulsion

These are the tiniest particles that you can get on the market right now. Making it the best product that you can buy for your fury friend. Not all of the CBD brands produce this good quality because it is a bit pricy. But, you can find them and we know that you will love the results as well. But, the pricing may be a bit higher.

Make Sure That The Product Does Not Have THC

Unless you want your dog to be “high” all day, then make sure that eh treats or oil you buy do not have THC.  If ti is in the product then it should be below 3%. You can get to see this on the Certificate of analysis. This is why it I important that you get to see one before making the purchase. If the brand does not have any on their website, then it is best that you move on to the next.

Full Spectrum Products are the Best

Usually, on the product description, there will be the full spectrum or CBD isolate. What does that mean? A full spectrum product will come with terpenes and cannabinoids that would have been found organically from the hemp.

On the other hand, CBD isolate only comes with CBD. And, as we mentioned before, organic products are always the best. Nature is the best healer, therefore, you will never go wrong

According to research, your dog may end up benefiting from the Entourage effect from the different phytochemicals found in the organic hemp product.

Is CBD Safe for My Pet?

There is still more research being done to establish on whether or not CBD comes with any chronic side effects. But, a lot of fur families have been using CBD products for their pets and are seeing positive results.

Will CBD Get My Animal High?

No, it will not. CBD products are supposed to come with THC that is less than 3%. THC is the compound that produces the high effect. Therefore, low quantities will not affect the mental state of your pet in any way.

Final Thoughts

Our fur babies can be regarded as our happy places. They make us happy, they protect us and they love us unconditionally. Therefore, they deserve the best that there is. If your pet has been going through some health issues, ask your vet on whether or not CBD for pets products can help.  If so, then use our tips to buy the best products on the market.

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